Meet Christian

Founder & Executive Director

Christian Sbragia

Sbragia has been serving the community of East Palo Alto for 8 years. He founded Cooline Team of East Palo Alto to provide kids in East Palo Alto a safe place to have fun. As he became older, he learned that you are the only one who can truly change your community. He changed CTEPA's goals from safe events to community service projects. Sbragia loves working with elementary students and helping to guide others through difficult times. Christian is also a passionate education advocate and activist in Ravenswood. Christian is proud to be bi-racial and identifies as Black. He attends East Palo Alto Academy and is a proud EPAA Bulldog. His 'Cooline Words' are passion and community.


The Rest Of The Team


Nathalie Luna Nunez

Co-founder and Assistant Director


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